The Private Joint Stock Co. of Lalegostar Niayesh Design and Development was established in 2007. The main activities of the company include civil and construction issues. Of course, it should be noted that mining operations involve infrastructure issues and are actually considered as the major infrastructures in sustainable development of the country. Therefore, focusing on this  issue results in further development and improvement of the country. With an influential approach to this area in 2017, the company made changes in its articles of association in order to begin mining operations. These changes have been accompanied by integrating and relying on the knowledge and experience of human resources and modern global technology and equipment. The company also used modern technologies to provide all the necessary facilities for achieving objectives, such as exploration and extraction of metal minerals. In addition, it made great plans to achieve the above-mentioned goals.

At present, all the prospecting and exploration operations are being conducted by experienced experts of the company using modern mineral and laboratory equipment and machinery to take actions towards global progress and promotion and development of mining in Iran and introduce the industry at global scale.