The Lalegostar Niayesh Design and Development Company has initiated the optimum exploration and exploitation plan of the country's reserves in order to support the mine and mining sectors as one of the alternative sources of oil and non-renewable fossil fuels. These objectives have been planned for promoting and developing the role of mines and mineral potentials in the economy of the province and at the macro level, and national development of the country without reliance on revenues from the sale of oil, gas, and the respective products.

Having minerals, deposits, and different metallic and non-metalic mineral potentials, Iran is one of the top 10 countries of the world that accounts for about 7% of the world's reserves. This condition is especially important because of the location of Iran along the metalogenic zone of Alp-Himalayas route, which will provide capabilities for exploration, extraction, mining, and investment plans in order to develop the mining sector, as evidenced by the presence of large mines in the world class, such as porphyry reserves, Skarn, SedEx, and Manto in Iran.

In addition to enhance Iran's capacity in the field of mining and mineral activities, development of exploration and mining operations will play a significant role in creating jobs, generating revenues, and increasing national capital. With regard to the current status of the explored and exploitable reserves and resources in the country, which accounts for a small percentage compared to the country's extent and potential, the Lalegostar Niayesh Design and Development Company initiated extensive exploratory plans in order to increase mineral capacities of the country for achieving the following objectives:

  • Exploring new mineral reserves and resources for developing the mining sector and increasing its contribution to gross domestic product (GDP),
  • Providing an appropriate ground to attract domestic and foreign investment by relying on exploratory documentation with regard to the global standards,
  • Exploratory investments in the deprived areas with mineral potential in order to develop and create jobs in those regions, and
  • Exploring the strategic metals needed by the country.