Mineral reserves and resources are national, natural, and non-renewable capital, which have been provided with us and we should protect them, because it is the next generations' right as well. They will be a capital for providing the ground for growth, development, and flourishment of a land. Industrial and economic development of each country depends on the optimal exploitation of dozens of metallic and nonmetallic minerals, and thus reserves and mines play an important and effective role in the development of the country. Mineral reserves and resources in a country, if they are properly understood and utilized, can supply foreign exchange and support its manufacturing industries and long-term employment throughout the country, especially in deprived regions for many years.

Therefore, with regard to the prominent characteristics, such as non-renewable, protection of mineral resources, employment, and foreign exchange, it is of high importance to have an optimum, scientific, and efficient planning for different stages of identification, exploration, processing, extraction, production, marketing, and recycling of metals and minerals (the supply chain of minerals) in order to minimize wastes and damages in this part of the industry, which requires to be emphasized by different organizations of the country.